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A patent is a right to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering for sale, exporting components to be assembled into an infringing device outside the U.S., importing the product of a patented process practiced outside the U.S., inducing others to infringe, offering a product specially adapted for practice of the patent, and a few other very carefully defined categories.

Our Lip Plumping Products are all PATENT PROTECTED
Our Lip Plumping Shop trade name is TRADEMARK REGISTERED

We will not hesitate to take appropriate and swift action against any company or individual that:
(a) Uses our images or brand on their website without our express written   permission; and / or
(b) Attempts to manufacture or release any product that may infringe our patent rights
(c) Regardless of jurisdiction / country or origin / country of manufacture

We have the resources to take said action & urge any parties contemplating such action to reconsider.


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