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Little Known Beautiful Lips Facts
Lips are more misunderstood and mistreated than any other body part. They'll be the first to indicate your body is trying to fight off an illness or disease. Lips will be the first to show signs of unhealthy, destructive stress. The lips aging process can be reversed, and then prevented. It doesn't matter how old you are, your lips can be rejuvenated. Lip Plumper products do not rejuvenate lip tissue. They are a temporary, short-term, cosmetic "fix". They treat the symptom, but not the underlying problem. Lips should not get smaller as you age. They should be smooth, with very few lines. Wrinkles above your lips are unnecessary. Beautiful Lips should always have their healthy natural color, regardless of your age. Lip Plumpers do not reduce lip lines. Lip Plumpers do not restore the lips' natural color.

Lip Chapping
Lip "skin" is very unique. It actually consists primarily of mucous membrane, which has fewer and different glands than ordinary skin. the lip is also unlike other skin in that the outer layer (stratum corneum) is extremely thin or completely absent in most people. Lips also have almost no melanin, the natural pigment in skin that helps screen out the sun's harmful rays.

As a result of the properties of lip skin, moisture rapidly evaporates from the lips, causing them to dry out very easily. This dryness frequently results in chapping and cracking, and increases the risk of inflammation, infection and burning.

Your lips' natural tendency toward dryness and chapping is aggravated by the fact that they are more prominent than almost any other part of your body--and most of the time they are unprotected by clothing and fully exposed to the elements. While exposure to sun, wind and cold can obviously speed the rate of moisture loss, your beautiful lips aren't even safe indoors. They can suffer from lack of moisture in centrally heated or air-conditioned rooms in which the relative humidity is low.

Environmental factors are clearly one of the most important causes of beautiful lip dryness, but they are by no means the only culprit. For instance, many people's lips can also become dry when the common winter cold or flu strikes. This lip dryness happens because of people's tendency to breathe through their mouth when they get sick, inadvertently drying out their lips. Lip irritation can even be caused by certain types of food, cosmetics and cigarette smoke.

Dry chapped lips are not only unattractive, they make a mess of lipstick application. If you want to wear lipstick, or look pretty without it, you need a smooth mouth. A beautiful mouth is a kissable mouth, so don’t forget the rewards you’ll get for your efforts.

Avoid dry chapped skin altogether by applying lip balm daily. Actually, several times a day. Once you get in the habit of moisturizing your lips, you won’t like how they feel bare. Hunt down your favorite balm and keep a tube in your purse, desk drawer, bedside stand, medicine cabinet, pocket. You get the idea. The more ready access you have to the goods, the more likely it is you’ll use them. This works with chocolate too, so give your supply of that to someone you trust and asked to be doled out one piece a day.

Back to lips. If you’ve already got the dried-up version, you’ll need to exfoliate before you moisturize. You do this the same way you exfoliate any part of your skin, by scrubbing with either a wet cloth, loofah or grainy product made for the job. You can also make your own lip exfoliant by combining a little sugar with olive oil till you have a paste, then rubbing enthusiastically with your finger. Rinse off and follow up with lip balm.

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Lips Cosmetic Dermatitis
Cosmetic Dermatitis is an unpredictable itchy, red reaction to a cosmetic applied to the face or lips. It is usually caused by skin-irritating chemicals present in a cosmetic, but may also represent a true allergy or sensitivity to one or more of the components of the cosmetic. Such an allergy may lead to more severe itching, burning, and swelling of the skin and beautiful lips.

A cosmetic allergy results when an individual develops a sensitivity to certain ingredients (such as dyes in lipsticks or flavoring agents). Allergies are unpredictable and can happen even in reaction to well-manufactured products made by reputable companies. Since sensitivities often develop and increase over time, a reaction can occur from an ingredient in a product even if you have used the product for years. Unfortunately, once an allergic reaction occurs, it will generally happen again.

Individuals who develop an allergic reaction to cosmetics should immediately discontinue their use. They should individually test cosmetic formulas to find one which will not affect them. If the reaction continues, they should see their physician.

Photosensitivity on Beautiful Lips
Photosensitivity may result from an internal condition or from something being applied to the skin. It could be due to past exposure to photoactive chemicals. In lip photosensitivity, a substance applied to the lips causes a reaction when exposed to sunlight. The symptoms resemble those of a sudden violent sunburn: redness, pain or burning or swelling. This may happen with relatively brief sun exposure soon after the application of a lipstick or other cosmetic.

Just as in the case of cosmetic dermatitis suffers, it is important for those who experience photo-reactions on their lip skin to discontinue use of the cosmetic or chemical triggering the reaction immediately. The subsequent use of a lip care product containing an adequate SPF level could help to control the effects of continued sun exposure. It is important to keep in mind that an attack of photosensitivity can be an indicator of more significant health problems. For persistent or severe reactions on your beautiful lips or bigger lips, it is a good idea to consult a physician.

Cheilitis on Lips
Cheilitis refers to persistent inflammation of one or both lips. Scaling, cracking, and swelling may occur on the vermilion border, which is the area where lip mucosa meets the normal skin of the face. There are several types of cheilitis, including cheilitis actinica, in which lips are damaged by exposure to sunlight. Cheilitis can also result from vitamin deficiency. Another common type is angular cheilitis, a yeast infection which may be caused by an ill-fitting dental apparatus.

Sun Protection for your Beautiful Lips
Because the outer layer of the lip is so thin, the lips in their natural state are not adequately shielded from the sun. In fact, lips have almost no melanin, the natural pigment in skin that helps screen out the sun's harmful rays. As a result, lips rarely tan, but they can easily burn.

Even licking lips can be more detrimental than helpful, since saliva acts like a lens to intensify sun exposure. And because lips are located on the face, they are rarely covered, and thus constantly exposed to sun damage. When the sun causes lips to burn, long lasting damage can occur. The collagen, for example, can be altered. Collagen is the protein that gives lips body and resilience - and helps keep wrinkles from forming.

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When unprotected beautiful lips are exposed to too much sun, the collagen changes, causing lips to wrinkle and fine lines to form around the mouth. Even when lips show no physical signs of the sun's effect, damage can occur. Just because you don't see a surface burn doesn't mean that the underlying layers haven't been harmed. Wrinkling and premature aging are not the only damage the sun can cause to beautiful lips. There are 600,000 new cases of skin cancer reported each year - a figure that's rising steadily. Of these new cases, 90% are caused by exposure to the sun's harmful rays.

Young lips (children's and teens') are especially vulnerable. Studies have shown that UV over-exposure during the first 18 years of life can cause the damage that later results in adult skin cancer. Sun exposure is also one of the most frequent triggers of cold sores on your lips. So for people who suffer from these sores, lip protection can reduce their likelihood of appearing.  Can anyone Get Bigger Lips?

Lips need to be protected from the sun all year 'round. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are always present, whether it's January or July. Although the level of burning UVB rays declines substantially in cooler months, harmful UVA rays remain at relatively constant levels throughout the year. Lips can suffer even on cloudy days, since clouds don't filter UVB rays.

Most of us know that the sun is reflected off sand and water, intensifying its burning effects, but the same is true for snow. In fact, snow reflects nearly 80 percent of the sun's rays (whereas sand reflects less than 20 percent). Exposure at higher altitudes (such as when skiing) also creates an increased hazard, since the air is thinner and thus screens less of the sun's rays on your beautiful lips.

Most dermatologists recommend the use of lip care products containing sunscreens. It is important to apply these lip care products at least one-half hour before going into the sun and to reapply them frequently during exposure. An SPF number indicates how many times longer a person can stay in the sun before beginning to burn while wearing a sunscreen, as compared to how long it would normally take to burn. SPF 15 provides 15 times lips' natural protection against UVB rays. For ultra-protection, use an SPF 30 product that provides 30 times your natural protection.

If you're pool or beach bound, make sure the sunscreen you use is waterproof, providing protection even while in the water for 80 minutes or more. Finally, you may want to look for a sunscreen that's PABA-free. Some people can develop an allergy when using a product containing PABA. A photo-allergy may cause skin to actually burn more easily where the PABA was applied, and a rash may also develop on your beautiful lips.

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Beautiful Lip Creams
Recently over the counter glosses, lipsticks, and other types of topical preparations have been introduced promising fuller, poutier bigger lips with more definition and volume. Many cosmetic companies have jumped on this bandwagon promising the users that their special ingredients will produce full, luscious lips after a few weeks of use. In fact, there have been over 200 new products introduced to the marketplace in the last two years ranging in price from $6.99 to almost $40. Instead of traffic stopping lips, some of these topical products have produced burns, mouth sores and empty pockets.

Some cosmetic companies do use natural components in their big lips formulas but some of the formulas may be misleading. No product can deliver the look of a collagen injection in a lip cream. How these products work is through the use of an irritating ingredient such as niacin, cinnamon, caffeine or peppermint; these ingredients may cause some temporary swelling of the beautiful lips via dilation of the blood vessels along with mild inflammation, giving the illusion of bigger lips. Some preparations require the user to rub the lips briskly for several minutes and this friction results in some degree of temporary swelling to your lips.

Many women and men want fuller bigger lips because poutier lips make them feel sexier and more alluring. Consumers are willing to spend a lot of money to have "the sexy lips look"; but not everyone agrees that the topicals deliver what they have promised. Dr. Sam Most, Chief of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Washington in Seattle asked seven women to use a certain lip cream whose website says their product increases actual lip volume and contour an average of 40.7 percent; Dr. Most said, "In subjects who used the product as directed over a long term there was no visible change in the lips." The lips did not get bigger.

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