Lip Plumping Testimonials

What's the secret to luxurious Lips? Our incredible lip enhancing stimulator! Use The Lip Plumping ShopTM best lip plumpers daily as instructed and within two weeks you will have the appearance of dramatically fuller lips. This is the most powerful product for natural lip enhancement by far.

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  • REVIEW FROM CUSTOMER PHOTOS ABOVE: I bought my lip plumper device last december, looking to get that perfect plumpy look for my lips! I bought this device with a lot of scepticism.. I would have never thought that it would have been so efficient! After three weeks of good usage, as written on the the user guide, here was the result (see photo above) Now, I use the plumper on a daily base and my natural pipe size has increased between the pictures above. Quite impressive! I really love it and hope it will last :) I am not the kind of girl who writes to the seller after purchasing, even if I like the product.. but this product is so incredible that I had to do it! Thank you for everything!! Mireille (Canada)
  • Hi Hannah, I received the parcel last week, I'm loving the lip plumper, kind of addicted to it! Have a great day :-) Thanks - Ambi (Australia)
  • I have tried an array of lip plumping products. Sure some of them work, but only moderately or temporary. This product is truly a force to be reckoned with. This product is truly effective and so far, the results have been outstanding. This system is easily one of the best lip products in the world today and one of the most practical, underrated innovations in the beauty business. I truly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to achieve a fuller, sexier pout. This is your answer. With this amazing lip product, you have my promise, that it does work. THE BEAUTY LOUNGE (


Lip plumping Testimonials

  • Hi darling Krissie and Hannah: I hope you are both well and have a super yummy Halloween. Just today I opened for the first time my lip plumping, as I was travelling and my portier had it. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT...I am so thankful for the upgrade and for sending me 2 LIP PLUMPERS AND 2 GLOSSY GORGEOUS JARS. I AM SOOOO IMPRESSED ABOUT THE RESULTS.....They are amazing and stunning...I am so excited to use them, my lips have become AMAZING....You are so kind!!!!!!!! I will start telling all my friends and I hope soon you will have many more clients cause your product is amazing... THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN, I am really grateful for your kindness. Lots of love, Raquel (Spain)
  • "I just had to let you know I have the most full & soft lips ever since using the lip device. Over the past few days at least three of my friends commented on them and queried whether or not I had injections! They are amazed at how big my lips are - Rachael Mackenzie (Scotland)
  • "I was a little hesitant to try this product at first but after following the two week conditioning period this Lip device has made my lips much larger than expected so now I use it every day. I recommend anyone out there who wants bigger lips to give it a go!. - Karen Sargent (USA)
  • "I wanted poutier lips but couldn't stand the thought of collagen injections so I used Lip Plumping and can not believe the difference, I have noticed my lips have become accustomed to their new size, and now they actually stay larger even when I am not using the device. My favourite must have product of the year!" - Sarah Johnson (USA).
  • I have tried in angst to find a solution to my lip lines that didn't involve the use of cosmetic fillers and enhancers so purchased this product and gave it a go. Within a week the volume of my lips has increased significantly taking away my Upper lip lines and also increasing the circulation to my lips giving them a nice rosy glow. I am very impressed with my results. I hope that this product will do for you what it has done for me. Its not just for the young!. - Margaret Penn (Australia)
  • I've been using this product for a few days now and won't waste any more time & money on lip fusion as I get the results I want straight away. No need to spend time in the mirror trying to find the results, they just appear & you know its worked. Great idea! - Trudy Carlile (USA)

Lip plumping Testimonials

  • Ever since using the lip plumping shop products I've never had to revisit my doctor for touch ups on my lips again! I'm so satisfied with the quality & results it delivers. I never thought about alternative ways to increase my lip size until this popped up, I've gotten so much use of it! Anyone out there wanting fuller lips without costing you a fortune, you have to try this and you will be quite surprised.! - Jenna Hope (USA)
  • "This product really works well - even though I thought it wouldn't I gave it a go and had fantastic results. Thank you for making this cool product! - Kirsten Langford (USA)
  • "I use my Lip device every day & it has improved my lips beyond all expectations. It has evened out my lips and made them more luscious and beautiful. A wonderful success story - thank you!!" - Fiona Simmons
  • “I can’t believe how well this lip plumper works, why haven’t you guys released this in my home town!!!!” Cynthia Smythe (UK)
  • “Thank you so much for sending this out to me so quickly – it arrived just in time for valentine’s day and all went smoothly. Sorry about the panic and pressure but wasn’t sure how long it would take but everything worked out fine. Cheers” Carol Prendegast (UK).
  • “Yes I received the order thanks very much and yes it works fine. I think my daughter has borrowed it and so I may need to order another one soon!!” Margo Diago (Brazil)
  • “This product saved me plenty of hard earned money on lip injections – I don’t need them anymore thanks to you. What a great invention!” Julia (Germany)
  • “Wow I now have lips like AJ – ha ha… but seriously it has made a big difference to my confidence and yeah my lifestyle has changed for the better. Many thanks Krissie” Sarah (UK)
  • My friends are all very surprised at my new look and they are pushing me to find out the secret. I will let them know in a few more weeks after I have completed the programme and reached the total volume I want. Have a nice day and please let me know if you have any more products like this in the future. “ Lisa (Sweden)

Lip plumping Testimonials

  • Aha it worked fine and I’m very happy with the results – thanks Krissie and stay in touch” Angela (Dubai)
  • It didn’t work until I turned it upside down as my bottom lip and top lip and slightly different size. Now I can safely say this lip plumper works and am happy to recommend it and you are welcome to put this on your website” Heba El Sherrif (UAE)
  • Yes I received the order thanks very much and yes it works amazingly - my lips are bigger than ever. I think my daughter has borrowed it and so I may need to order another one soon!! Margo Diago (Columbia)
  • Es schaut wirklich hochwertig aus Susanne Schmidt
  • Merci Lip Plumping Simone (France)
  • Thanks very happy ending for me and my lips!!! My gorgeous partner loves my new sexy lips, I feel so stunning with my new sexy lips, its so much better than my average sized lips, I love the attention!!! Eliza (UK)
  • Hi I just wanted to say thank you for the advice and for it working exactly as it is shown no gimmicks just totally real. lasts me a good 9 hours before i have to replump xoxoxoxoxo Kelly McIntosh (Singapore)
  • Love it!! You ain't hot till you got those hot Megan Fox lips lets face it and now I have them, maybe theyre a lil better ;) xxx Naughty Shorty
  • Bedankt Lipplumpingshop, voor dit geweldige product. Jose L
  • De bons resultats Odette
  • Mun itsetunto on kasvanut miljoonasti sen jälkeen kun aloin käyttään tätä, uskomaton tuote!! Minna
  • Hi Hannah - thanks for your help as I was concerned when this would arrive. I got it yesterday and tried it and it works!!! THANK YOU Kellie Cottrell
  • this idea!...i wish i had got a Diamond edition though really want that gloss Helen (Wales)
  • Das ist die einzige Methode die wirklich was bringt! Christine Bauer
  • OMG I am really happy with this plumper, finally one that works! Alysha Harris
  • love it :D xxxxxx Sharon
  • i'm sooooo happy that this plumper works, i've wasted heaps of money on crap lip plumpers that dont do anything, i was skeptical a first but i'm glad i bought it now, so worth it, the results r amazing Lucy ventris
  • WOW! Echt erstaunlich wie lange es anhaelt. Es macht den ganzen Tag schoene, volle Lippen Miri Irnich
  • I am addicted to using this lip pump, like i use it everyday without fail. I didnt realise you could get it in pink!! Jenny McDougall
  • Parfait pour les soirees du week end Michèle

Lip plumping Testimonials

  • I have just ordered my Lip Plumper and I am really excited. I cant wait to try it! Paula Leeming (UK)
  • Bibir saya terlihat alami dan sanagat besar Tina
  • I wanted to buy this for so long and I put it off because I wasnt sure if it would deliver the results I wanted, but I'm really happy with the results . There is no denying that this plumper works, my lips are as big as angelinas when i use the plumper, i swear! Stacey
  • I like this product very much. Bettina Gächter
  • I can't even begin to describe how much better my lips look. This plumper reduces the fines lines around my mouth and it actually makes me look younger because of it. Cheers xx Lorraine Sinclair (USA)
  • i can't believe how sxc im lookin wid my new lips ;P - Lil Kez Kez Martin
  • My boyfriend absolutely loves it when I use this lip plumper because it makes my lips look so much prettier and just fuller overall. He has actually offered to buy me another set for my bday :D lol crystal ferguson (Australia)
  • Oh mijn god, ik kan niet geloven hoe goed dit werkt, geweldig product! Marieke
  • I'm really happy with my diamond plumper Vicki Arnez
  • I am really happy with this product. Everyone thinks I've had lip injections because my lips look so good! Nicole Taylor (USA)
  • I feel really good about myself now when I go out with friends because my lips look awesome and I look prettier, thanks lip plumping shop. Marion Pearce
  • My friend just spent around $300 on some lip plumper that doesnt even work! She was so jealous when she found out that I only spent $100 at the lip plumping shop and mine actually works like 10 times better lol Vanessa (Australia)
  • I have so much more confidence after buying this lip plumper, I am really happy with the way I look now - Lilly Lilly G (Singapore)
  • I was hesitant to purchase this product because there are so many phoney products out there but I am really pleased that I did, it was money well spent ;)  Sherina

Lip plumping Testimonials

  • I wish I had have known bout this before I got lip fillers, daM IT :s  Cindy Darch
  • Voin suositella tätä turvallisesti kaikille – on hyvä herkemmillekin huulille eikä tarvii murehtia onko se turvallinen käyttää koska kaikki tässä on tosi luonnollista. Ja huulikiilto on tosi mukavan tuntuinen. Satu
  • Mieletön keksintö!! Ostin tän lip plumperin vanhojen tansseihin ja kannatti kokeilla! Oon käyttäny sitä siitä lähtien ja mun huulet on ihanan pulleet :) Kaverit on ihmetelly et mitä oon tehny mun huulille kun ne näyttää niin isoilta, ku hollywood starojen huulet mut vaan paremmat koska ne on oikeet :) Kiitti!! Eveliina"
  • 郁嫦-收到了好開心呦!很喜歡,謝謝賣家. Hua Ju
  • This is def by far the best lip plumper around. Reene Nelis (USA)
  • 蓉琪-推一個,真的很值得耶!連我媽也搶著要用. He Xie
  • "Mulla on aina ollut pienet huulet ja oon kärsinyt niistä pitkään, tuntuu jotenkin niin tylsältä ja etten oo yhtään seksikäs pienillä nysähuulilla. En oottanut et tää Lip Plumper olis toiminut, mut käytin sitä orjallisesti kaks viikkoo ja jo siinä ajassa huomasin et huulet turpoo etenkin pumppauksen jälkeen mut ne pysyy muhkeina sen huulikiillon avulla! Eipä oo enää nysähuulet!! Jess!! Paula
  • Hey, hatte am Anfang erst mal nen blauen Fleck ueber der Lippe... Wollte natuerlich gleich riiiiesen Lippen ;-) Aber dann hab ich doch die Anleitung befolgt, und -tata- einfach grossartig! Vor allem mit dem EXTREME Gloss sieht es richtig krass aus ;-) Sarah K
  • "語蕎-謝謝賣家真的是好好用呦! Tess
  • Wauw! Dit is geweldig! Bedankt! Sandra
  • Terima kasih LPS, Ibu saya senang sekali dengan hadiahnya Dewi
  • thanks :) :) :) i'm really happy with it Liam Harford
  • my lips are HUGE!!!!! Everyone has commented, thanks. Emma K. (Australia)
  • Ce produit est vraiment trop cool, je ne m’y attendais pas. Stéphanie
  • My lips have never looked better, not only are they double the size than normal when I use the lip plumping gloss and the lip pump, but they are a lot softer as well. Chris Lowden (Canary Islands)
  • I have tried a truck load of lip plumpers in the past and none of them have worked as well as the lip plumping shops did. Most of the plumpers that I tried were really sticky and painful and it's not like I could eat, drink or even kiss someone while wearing any of them. The lip plumping shops lip plumping device makes it so much easier to plump up your lips and then go about your daily business without worrying about whether your lip gloss is going to rub off and your lips are going to deflate! Kelly Thorpe (South Africa)
  • This product is incredible and I can't believe how long it lasts for. I used it on my 21st bday and it lasted the whole night, which I was really happy about - Tia Tia Cupples (Ireland)
  • omg i looove this product. At first I thought that it might not work at all OR it might look really fake and over the top. But I was really pleased when I first tried it because my lips were so much plumper, but they still looked really natural and realistic. Samantha Nicolson (UK)
  • :D :D :D :D sooooooo happy i bought this Liv (Sweden)

Lip plumping Testimonials

  • Thanks Hannah for all your help, much appreciated. What an amazing product - Rhiley Rhiley Dalporte
  • This plumper works so much better than any of the other ones I have tried Pip
  • I wish I had have known bout this before I got lip fillers, daM IT :s  Cindy Darch (Australia)
  • Olin niiin innoissani kun tilasin Lip Plumperin netistä ja kun se vihdoin saapui niin oon käyttänyt sitä päivittäin – ja eron kyllä huomaa!! Kiitos keksijälle ja myös asiakastuelle, paketti saapui nopeesti ja oon erittäin tyytyväinen tuotteeseen! :) Marianna

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